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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

18 October, 2021


ADACash is the first Token of the CASHVerse (official LLC) and mainly used for Staking and earning Rewards. We are 8 months old and nothing can stop us!

10% Cardano Rewards
3% Marketing
2% Liquidity

▶️ Staking Live since January
Stake ADACash and earn SOLCash, Solana & Cardano. Yeah you see right! Stake 1 get 3!

Follow our Twitter to see weekly updates from Staking-Earnings

▶️ Merch Shop LIVE! Buy our Merch with ADACash / SOLCash and support the Volume.
▶️ Weekly Lottery!  Win ADACash and/or SOLCash

Some Facts:

▶️ Over 1,5M Cardano Paid to our holders so far

▶️ Official LLC

▶️ Over 17,000 Holders

▶️ One of the best Staking Platforms on the BSC

▶️ and much more!

Much more usecases in development.

Visit our Website to get all information you need.

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