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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

30 March, 2022


OCreata has launched its pay-per-view, crypto-based premium social media platform for creators and their fans.

OCreata, a rep explained, provides creators with many features available on other social media platforms and fan sites, with "the addition of the great benefits of blockchain technology. We are focused on creating an adult universe with no restrictions, fees and bureaucracy where creators can express themselves freely in a friendly community.”

OCreata is offering creators “up to 93.5% from the sales amount, instant payouts, payment schedules set based on the creator's preferences, 5% referral bonuses and no refunds and chargebacks — all sales are final,” the rep added.

Features in development to be unveiled next year include private chat, an NFT marketplace and dating and livestreaming spaces. To view the development roadmap, click here.

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