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21 September, 2021


What Is Global Human Being (GHB)?

We are on a mission to make a significant social impact by transferring a wide range of benefits to the community of the world and to providing social-economic projects. 

Three main points for the creation of GHB.

  •Remove poverty from the World.

 •Provide a home to Homeless people of the World.

 •Provide education for the children of the World.

 And secondly, Our aim is to produce a livelihood for our token holders and Human Being by developing various profit-generating businesses.

 And thirdly, The Global Human Being team will implement GHB as a form of payment for all our eCommerce stores and P2P that are operated directly by our team as well as our Holders.

We also will be constantly seeking partnerships to expand the number of online businesses that accept GHB as payment for goods and services throughout the world.

 What Makes GHB Unique?

 Because it is only a prosperity-based project and we have kept 15% of the total supply of tokens that's only will be distributed all over the world and no difference with races of global humans being.


Who Are the Founders of Global Human Being?

 GHB was founded by Muhammad Shahid Memon, who was also one of the co-founders of the GHB. He was the CEO of Laraib Fertilizer and Chemicals, the company that distributed fertilizers and Chemicals in Sindh.

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