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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

25 June, 2022


­čö╣Step 2.0 is a Web3 dApp that is being relaunched to revitalize this bear market. Exercise to earn with our dApp will track your exercise progress and reward you with STEPN accordingly. The now well-known formula of Exercise-to-Earn will be improved upon and used as a way to revive this bloody market from its ashes and bring back the times of perpetual HODL and endless profits. 

­čö╣The Social-Fi elements integrated into the dApp will allow the user to have a profile which they can customize however they want, with the NFTs that they have minted to show their achievements to the world. Here, not selling your NFTS can come into play as keeping them for people to visit and see will also be monetized, rewarding you with our native token. 

­čö╣Contract Address: 0x775bdf009b3549Bd22D6c8479780B003ddD315F4




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