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Launch Date

29 March, 2022


Free to join ! 

The project Jardins Mon Plaisir is to participate to help fight in the climate change by cultivation of Paulownia, and help people internationaly who want to do the same 

$JMP will raise funds to help the association Jardins Mon Plaisir to develop in the cultivation and processing of Paulownia wood in an agroforestry project.  The agroforestry project will aim to cultivate on a small area Paulownias, fruit trees and vegetables to ensure diversified sources of income for farmers at the local level. Once the concept has been validated, duplication of the concept with partners at the international level by sending them the CAPSULE (containing roots, seeds, knowledge) to make the same in their area.

The #Capsule 💊 concept we are developping at @JardinsMonPlaisir consist to send to our partners :

- #Paulownia Roots, 🌱 

- #vegetables seeds, 🌽🍆

- educational content, 👩‍🏫

- and more to come ...

The founds raised by #JMP Token will help to finance the sending of #capsules 💊 to our partners to help them begining the #JardinsMonPlaisir activity in their country !

 to duplicate 👨‍👦‍👦 the Jardins Mon Plaisir Association everywhere on the #world ! 🌍🌎🌏🚀✨ 

First round #ICO ! #JardinsMonPlaisir

30% of the tokens offered for sale 

To develop the concept of #CAPSULE 💊 set up the online store, do communication to find new partners.

Why have #JMP Token? 

Advantages of jmp: 

Buying from the online store in JMP will provide discounts. 

For example the annual membership fee will be $20 in JMP and in another currency $30. will be valid on all products sold in the shop! 

- furnitures , 

- paulownia roots 🌱, 

- vegetables seeds, 

- capsules 💊...e

Then as results when your invest in JMP token, you will earn DOGEcoin at each transaction ! (need 200000JMP)

Buy now! 🚀

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