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Market Cap


Launch Date

19 June, 2022


šŸ§¬ Evolution Finance || EVO šŸ§¬

šŸ§¬ FairLaunch 19 June 2022, At 11:00UTC.

Evolution Finance is going to be the best crypto project of its kind. Evolution Finance is fully decentralized, environmentally friendly, safe, accessible for everyone and also has a mission to help children in need arround the world.


Evolution Finance Bos is loyal to his family, like all dogs should be! All holders of EVO will earn more tokens on each transaction that is automatically sent to your wallet. On top of this, $EVO is deflationary meaning the token becomes more scarce over time.

šŸ§¬We have a 4% Tax on every transaction intended to benefit everyone:

šŸ§¬Earn, Burn & Charity

3% of the fees are automatically redistributed to all holders, including our big burn wallet and our charity and development wallets.

šŸ§¬LP acquisition

1% of the fees is used for LP acquisition to support price stability


Feel safe about your investment. Liquidity locked and ownership being renounced to make this truly a community driven token!

šŸ§¬Total Supply : 100,000,000,000

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