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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

15 June, 2022


What is the Radio Swag Utility? 🎫 / Radio Swag is a free platform with an optional paid subscription. Radio Swag's platform will have resources and music that creators (YouTubers, Streamers) can come and use worry free. All music will be copyright free, able to legally use in anything the user wishes.

                                                           🎧  / Radio Swag will offer a monthly subscription service to access even more free music and even more cool features as the platform develops. 

                                                            🎨  / Radio NFTs will be available, but they are limited. Owning your own Radio NFT will allow you have FREE LIFETIME access to the Radio Swag subscription. As Radio Swag develops, so we will the benefits for Radio NFT holders.

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