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Market Cap


Launch Date

13 June, 2022


What is Meta-Universe?

Meta-Universe is a unique ecosystem for P2E gaming and the metaverse where anyone can access Mars virtually in 3D. Participants in the ecosystem can buy and own land, customize it and earn the associated rewards on the first Mars revenue-generating NFT. Landowners will be able to go-ahead and build real estate holdings, rent them out, sell and bag the rewards. The games on Meta-Universe will include the best of Axle Infinity, Decentraland and Star Atlas, among others.

For the VR adventures, you will be able to explore Mars and pay visits to the most intriguing and exciting landforms on the planet. Beyond all these, participants can also become Mars pioneers, search out the best spots, build structures, install mining rigs and a host of other activities that can boost the earning power of each individual investor.

Meta-Universe offers a metaverse with real maps, landforms, and imagery of the red planet for you to explore as a landowner and real estate guru in the making. Those who invest early will be able to get a better deal with the land selling out fast and price surging with the multiple of 10,000 plots sold. All transactions here are powered by the Meta-Universe token.

How does Meta-Universe work?

Meta-Universe merges the worlds of gaming, virtual reality, quantum computing and yield farming on its platform to create a grand world that fits into the scale of a global Metaverse. The platform allows owners of Meta-Universe NFTs to exercise complete control on a part of the metaverse. This differentiates the platform from other competitors where this is not possible. NFT collection on Meta-Universe is on a higher trajectory.

If you are dreaming of setting foot on Mars, the overwhelming expanse is yours to explore with the tools provided by Meta-Universe, which includes accessibility using the 3D exhaustive mapping. The NFTs developed by the Meta-Universe team used the copy of Mars mapping provided by NASA for precision and accuracy. This makes for an immersive experience with Virtual Reality that is the end vision of the project.

Interactive NFT: Play to Earn game

Passive income is not the only feature that makes Meta-Universe special. Meta-Universe will also be releasing a Play to Earn game. In this game, you will be able to explore your land plot NFT. But do not expect a laidback game: you will have to fight for your life. How else? It is Mars and nothing comes easy on it. Your efforts will not go to waste: you will be earning Meta-Universe dollars as you play the game, a token that functions as both the game’s sole currency and as a freely tradeable cryptocurrency.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are tokens based on blockchain that are unique and can't be replaced.


Meta-Universe Tokenomics is Fixed by the Economic Facts of in-game transactions and estimation of token demand in Main Sale which will be concluded on March 15


seed 8% 110.400.000.000.000 lineer unlock

team 10% lineer unlock

marketing 15% unlocked

rewards 15% lineer unlock

burn 10% burn

airdrop 2% 27.600.000.000.000 1 month lock

NftMarket 25% 345. locked

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