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Binance Smart Chain



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19 May, 2022


Magic Protocol aims to create a powerful decentralized protocol that will enable the decisions made by Magic Dao to be implemented.


Among these decisions, Magic Dao will also be able to create protocols similar to decentralized investment funds that can replicate market trends, or that can have the structure of real indexed funds or that can be managed by worthy users with proven ability in the management and choice of the most performing tokens.


The value proposition that Magic DAO may decide to implement is simple: with Magic protocol users will be able to buy and invest in all projects and tokens operating in the Ethereum ecosystem and the Binance Smart Chain and in perspective with tokens compatible with ERC20 standards (such as those that travel on Avax, Polygon Matic, Solana, and even Polkadot) in a safe, fast, and saving way.


All of this will be done by diversifying one's portfolio to contain the risk traditionally associated with the crypto world to be reasonably certain of betting on the next "unicorn."


If the Magic DAO will want, with Magic Protocol it will be possible to buy real indices of the user's preferred sectors, such as defi projects, lending, staking, etc. in a single transaction and directly from one's wallet, or it will be possible to entrust the diversification of personal funds to whoever will prove to be the best manager on the market in a transparent, verifiable and trustless way.

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