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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

01 June, 2022


World's first MetaVerse platform for crypto users to shill, share and discuss their projects in the virtual world. Crypto users can also display and see their NFTs "live" in the virtual world! Other than this, Moon has its own swap; the MoonSwap; which allows projects to be launched on the platform. Projects within MoonSwap will be allowed to do their marketing via the MetaVerse platform. Moon has a strong Moon Army which helps promote and protect the integrity of the project. Moon also adapts the concept of community banking, thus investors can be assured their monies are SAFU. The Moon Armies are also liquidity providers. Moon was previously from Heco Chain and was personally invited by Binance CZ to come onboard BSC chain. Moon was liked by many prominent figures around the world, people like Maye Musk, Vitalik Buterin, DuJun, Binance CZ, Binance He Yi, Gate.IO, MexC Global, Binance and HuobiGlobal.03:08

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