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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

14 June, 2022


GuilderFi is a DeFi protocol making it simple for users to earn high yields through the introduction of Rebase 2.0, a newly conceptualized rebase protocol offering sustainable yields of 1.9414% daily.

Unique Features:

Automated Token Buy Back & Burns
Trust-less and decentralized. GuilderFi's Liquidity Relief Fund will automatically buy and sell $N1 tokens to maintain a fully backed token price. This function is supported via a decentralized Liquidity Relief Fund.

Securitization of N1 Tokens via #SafeExit NFTs
Allows users to exit the protocol with their original principal investment plus a 6.25% risk premium. A dedicated fund operated as a smart contract, will accumulate sufficient reserves to meet its obligation of returning user funds. 10% of the presale proceeds will be directed towards the fund and will collect 1% of all sell fees in perpetuity.

Liquidity Locked for a Minimum of 5 Years - Rugproof
60% of the presale proceeds will be added as LP tokens and locked for a minimum of 5 years and decided by the DAO from Year 6 onwards. 20% will be allocated to the Treasury and 10% towards the Liquidity Relief Fund (LRF) which is responsible for automated token buy-backs and burns.

Multiple Revenue Streams
In addition to the buy and sell taxes when $N1 is traded, GuilderFi has an extensive roadmap to develop additional protocols to support the ongoing APY schedule.

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