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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

10 June, 2022


πŸš€ Why is RocketX different than any other miner?

RocketX is more than just a coin or a miner. It’s a mind blasting ecosystem where the token feeds the miner and the miner feeds the token, percentages also get thrown into other forms of passive income that have been going strong for a while and those profits are used in the ecosystem as well, so with this ecosystem in place, it is a never ending cycle of the miner and the coin getting pumped.

RocketX is designed to last for a long time by a smart ecosystem that feeds the bank every day. It’s a modified version of the well known passive income platforms that will ensure the longevity and sustainability of the miner.






βœ… Yield income paid on each and every block on Binance Smart Chain (approximately 3 seconds) from 30 days to 365 days.

βœ… Minimum 2.5% daily for 365 to up to short term yield of 4% daily for 30 days. 

βœ… User can refer unlimited users under any level which way goes paying upto 10 Levels starting from 10% to a total of upto 18% unrestricted earing potentials

βœ… Seed Incomes paid on each and every block and upto 77.3% of referrals dividends yield income which is again unrestricted earning potentials.

βœ… Safe, transparent, legit, decentralized never ending farm yield to earn from.

πŸ’°2.5% Staking compound bonus every 12h, max of 6 days (30%).

🀝 Referral Program

No business in the world succussed without team members at RocketX each of referral is a team member on its own towards RocketX.

Fast BNB offer unrestricted unlimited potential for referral income upto 10 Level where each level on its own can have unlimited referrals.

RocketX offers Level-1= 10%, Level-2=3%, Level-3=2%, Level-4=1%, Level-5=0.75%, Level-6=0.5%, Level-7=0.25%, Level-8=0.25%, Level-9=0.13% & Level-10=0.12%

In total of 18% in referral commission.

➑️ 0.01 BNB minimum investment.

➑️ No maximum deposit per wallet.

➑️ Feedback tax stays in the contract.

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