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Ethereum Smart Chain



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18 May, 2021


Incoming blockchain game + strong devs + growing community + low market cap. Great long term investment potential, renouncing ownership, liquidity lock for at least 6 months🔒 Check out the game description: Story Captain Shiba destroyed the Evil in the outlying galaxy Pookilon V, kicked away mad cultists, knocked all the shit out from space pirates and continued his way through the universe, freeing remained unknown galaxies. Space colonists rushed to explore new planets in the unfriendly galaxy. You are one of them - a traveler who lost everything in the old world and went for adventure and a new chance! But be careful, the new lands are fraught with many dangers, whether local monsters, the space pirates lurking on the outskirts, mad cultists who have promised to destroy every civilization or the leftovers of the Evil lurking in the shadows. Will you be able to overcome all difficulties and get such an expensive and desired gas. Gameplay Unlimited number of locations. Every location consists of abandoned planets and space station. The space station serves as a store, warehouse, hospital and can send travelers to neighboring locations. The planets are inhabited by various monsters, which on defeat drop resources that can be exchanged for gas. This process is called active mining. Each planet will have unique parameters by design as NTF. By owning a planet, you receive the right to control the game pool and commissions from all resources extracted from your planet - in-game staking. Gas is the in-game currency which will run on its own blockchain supporting low cost or aggregated fees. The game itself constantly pumps the planets with gas from game pool, the farther from the center of the galaxy, the more. All in-game and external transaction fees will pump the game pool. This pool will be controlled first by the devs and at some point by the community. The game receives gas from players for moving between locations, items from the store and other in-game services. Players receive gas from the game for selling resources and items and completing quests. The key of the game will be balanced and strong economy system with low inflation and regulation, balanced pvp and pvm battle system and crazy atmosphere. Token Name: CaptainShiba Symbol: $CPSHIB Token contract: 0x1068c238fde0da648af73adaa7c76de1495c27ed 📈 Dextools 🦄Buy on Uniswap Game website: Telegram: Twitter: Reddit. Tokenomics Total Supply 1,000,000,000,000 Every transaction burnes and redistributes in percent 2% / 2% Developer account will keep 5% Whole liquidity is locked with UniCrypt and Ownership renounced! Captain Shiba fights fair, therefore there was no presale.
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