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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

28 May, 2022



♻️1% buyback

🔥1% burn

📄1% marketing

💎2% HP

🌟3% reflection rewards.

💰8% Buy/Sell Tax

🔒LP is Lock

🤝 Ownership renounced

Contract address: 0x6Af6d1Eec880A587d1c56B93EFE333a440A20270

Project Description

We create different bots for the crypto sector.

The first bot is a betting bot that has 18 different strategies and bets on the course of BNB.

We are now rebuilding this so that it works together with our token.

Normally we take 2.5% fees from the profit for the use of the bot.

Now I had the practical idea to connect the whole thing, we are now waiving 1% of the 2.5% fees and the bot uses the 1% to buy our token, of course the user keeps it on his wallet so we have enough volume in the token .

Of course, the volume will increase as more users this bot gets.

We also have a 2nd bot that reads all the new tokens that are listed at PancakeSwap.

At the moment this is his only task, but he should get an update on this we are currently working on.

This update is as follows.

The bot scans PCS as soon as it finds a new token, it checks whether the contract is publicly available.

If this is the case, he checks the token and determines the risk of scams; if this is low, he tests small amounts to buy and then sells these tokens again.

If everything worked out, he buys into the project with the amount that was previously given to him.

Stop loss is supposed to be built in.

The fees are the same as our other bot.

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