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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

03 June, 2022


Kisame Inu is the next big anime meme token!This will be a new token that will ensure you invest safely with verified contract, no honeypot code and blocked liquidity.

Our team is working to create a small P2E starring Kisame. The NFT'S collection on Kisame will take longer. On June 5th our official website will be released where we will show a preview of the game and release our roadmap


Community cooperation is the key (especially at launch) 

Help us in getting back to that level or even better.  


đź—ˇNFT'S Collection

đź•ąPlay-to-Earn Game 


Marketing Plans/Development 

đź’§ Launch - Organic community growth, shill bots.

đź’§4k Marketcap - start marketing

đź’§Callers already contacted

đź’µStarting LP:  2 BNB

đź’¶Slippage 9%

đź’¸Tax: 8% Buy/Sell  


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