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05 July, 2021


$BARREL is a new token backed by the ganymede algorithmic trading bot. It is designed to take advantage of the market in any conditions and therefore act as a store of value. $BARREL allows you to benefit from algorithmic trading high performances usually reserved to professionals and grow your capital. It’s like hacking Wall Street. An account on FTX exchange, connected via an API to the ganymede bot, will trade for us on a spot account, no leverage, on the BTC/USD pair. Every profits will be reinjected in the bernard.finance ecosystem. And this is where the magic happens, every single buyback we make, on $BERN or $BARREL, will be burned right after. So not only we apply a buying pressure on our coins, but we also decrease their supply at the same time. Right after $BARREL launch, we will allow a delay of 30 days for the bot to reinforce the account. Then buybacks will start every day with Day 1 profits etc etc.
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