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Binance Smart Chain



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02 July, 2022


MPayz is turning healthcare into humancare. MPayz will be a system that facilitates better payment processing, better billing, better messaging, better public health systems, better data analytics, and better identity services is directly needed within the medical industry. The MPayz Platform, a culmination of all the MPayz blockchain technologies, has been established to answer this call and will allow industry coordination to deliver better health outcomes through interoperability. This Algorand blockchain-based platform will include a policy system, a service marketplace, a secure global database external to the blockchain PKI, a shared computation environment, smart-contracts, private communication channels between peers, and a data marketplace. MPayz is a utility token that fuels the applications running on the MPayz Network. The MPayz token will be used to execute smart contracts, mint NFTs, and support cross-border payments. The MPayz token will allow the following to occur through a MPayz wallet: Accept payments in real time via the Web/App, mobile device, SMS, or IVR. A web based, enrollment based, “virtual bank account” option that enables any healthcare provider/entity to accept and/or push payments of any size, at any time, from anywhere. Bundled informational component associated with any and all transactions. Multiple bill presentment, payment and reporting options. Integration into dissimilar back-end resources. Minting and purchasing of NFTs, which represent private patient data.

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