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Launch Date

15 May, 2022



Mandamus Coin is a research and Development Platform powered by the Mandamus Token (ERC-20) In the Mandamus Platform, Members of the crypto community will vote on different projects, and the platform will research and develop the project; after the project has been developed and implemented, we will provide a full report with open source code on ways other crypto projects with other coins or tokens can integrate it into their blockchain and/or ecosystem. For more information read the white paper at

Team location:

The Team is located in the United States of America

Brief project history:

In May 2021 20 Million ERC-20 tokens were minted, during Q3 2021 started the development of the platform and started the planning of the first R&D Project. The first R&D project will be on how to implement crypto in tourism and such implementation will be starting with the Mandamus token.

The long term vision of the Project:

Long term vision of the project is to have a better integration of cryptocurrency into daily life and with proper research and development projects it can be enabled.

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