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Binance Smart Chain



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13 May, 2022


Crypto got you up all night staring at chart after chart or moving around your tiny apartment to squeeze out a measly reward? Introducing DreamN, a paradigm shifting, groundbreaking, industry disrupting, landscape defining project that helps eliminate the distractions of the chaotic modern world and allows you to get back your sanity and peace of mind.
A pioneering sleep2earn concept, DreamN incentivizes you for your quality of sleep. “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”  Warren Buffet’s sage advice is baked into the DNA and fabric of this project.

Sleep Better. Earn More.

🌠 A wellness/lifestyle Web3 app that brings the sleep2earn model to light
🌠 In-app doctor consultation
🌠 Hotel partnerships for awareness  visibility
🌠 Seasoned, experienced, and Doxxed team
🌠 5% buy, 15% sell tax

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