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Binance Smart Chain



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18 September, 2022


Stackspace is a platform designed to reshape the bond between the gaming world and the crypto multiverse!

 Stackspace offers anyone, anywhere easy access to swap the gaming assets, bringing improvements in attainability to change the items between different games. Through accessibility, high speed and low costs, this platform makes the perfect symbiosis between Stackspace and players.

Stackspace is the common ground for gamers, cryptocurrency and web 3.0, radically changing the gaming experience. In a virtual space that offers unlimited options, Stackspace will support the transition of games from the old industry to the crypto ecosystem, giving the user unlimited access and unconstrained trading options.

Stackspace Token will forever change the way you trade your gaming loot, making it accessible and swappable with crypto and NFTs. The idea for a perfect gaming experience is based on the fact that all Stackspace users can exchange their assets, furthermore the platform can monetize gaming loot with the Stackspace token instantly.

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