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Launch Date

30 May, 2022


BoozCoin is a utility token; currently in the ICO stages; for the wine and spirits industry. BoozCoin will become part of the ecosystem and operate as a medium of exchange in payment for the wine and spirits market. We are currently building out our back-end framework for BoozExchange, where all transactions will occur, making BoozCoin a 100% Utility Token.

BoozCoin is the native utility token that is used for: * Processing transactions through our BoozExchange for the alcohol (fine wine and spirits) industry. * Running validator nodes on the network via staking BoozCoin tokens. * Processing transactions through our BoozExchange for NFT’s in the (fine & rare wine and spirits Industries.

BoozCoin tools include: * BoozCoin analytics which includes standard data structures and analyzing tools for the alcohol industry. Based on price, quantity, seller, location, product format, time, and date. * BoozExchange platform for buyers and sellers to utilize our BoozCoin tokens to transact alcohol products globally. * Virtual portfolio investing platform. * NFT platform for the alcohol industry. * Swap Exchange platform will manage liquidity pools for existing and future ICO/ IDO projects within BoozCoin’s ecosystem.

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