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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

15 June, 2022


The NIFFLER’s main aim is to move away from strict social structures and traditional understanding. Our main goal is to get on board in this Revolutionary Step that our generation is facing.

We dedicated our team to the motto of being completely reliable, transparent, and focused on community.

With his fondness for shiny objects Niffler will always show you the right way and will be you trading beast as a partner in crime with it is UEC (Undetectable Extension Charm) which allows NIFFLER prides itself on being community and developer-centric. We abandon crypto-currency communities' tribalism and small focus to put NFT and user accessibility at the first stake.

Do you love coins?

So does Niffler too! So get ready and do not be the odd one out! We value our investors. And end of this road, a beautiful future awaits you.

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