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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

01 June, 2022


CryptoHealth $CHT aims to change the way you HODL your crypto! We will be the refreshing change everyone needs in the cryptospace as we offer the following utilities:

✅️ Reimburse hospital expenses for you and your loved ones by holding crypto. The longer you hodl, the more you get from the Treasury!

✅️ Be provided financial assistance for certain medical conditions (such as pregnancy, surgery, and noncommunicable diseases) by hodling our special NFTs

✅️ Donate our cryptocurrency to community verified partner health facilities and organizations, and increase your holdings!

✅️ Buy our Founder NFTs and earn dividends as our BUSD Treasury grows. Up to $100K at stake for our Platinum Tier holders!

✅️ Provide holistic health thru our One Health approach to health care - providing support even for animal and environmental health

✅️Provide avenues for creativity thru regular contests on health advocacy involving amateur creatives from universities (i.e. NFT making and film making)

✅️ Provide support for medical knowledge by providing medical scholarships and research grants

✅️ Participate in the community DAO and be involved with major project decisions

Contract and investing is super safe:

➡️ 10-year liquidity lock in PinkSale
➡️ Regular creation and burning of BUSD liquidity to create stable price
➡️ Verified contract, audit and KYC to follow
➡️ Hardcap for buy and sell taxes
➡️ No unlocked tokens after start of PCS trading (team tokens are locked by the contract)

BUY TAXES 10% - Treasury 6%, Reflections in $CHT 2%, Development 2%
SELL TAXES 12% - Treasury 8%, Reflections in $CHT 2%, Development 2%
TRANSFER TAXES 40% - Treasury 25%, Reflections in $CHT 10%, Development 5%

*Note: We discourage taxes to protect Treasury. Transfer taxes can be lowered, provided holders who receive CHT from transfers (and not thru buys) will be disqualified from claims

🔥 We are a long term project aiming to build a company providing services in crypto within 3-5 years from our launch. Project owner (also the dev and web dev) is a community doctor by profession, and will answer all your questions in the group

🔥 Active marketing will be done thru regular calls, marketing agencies, and thru future partnerships

Read our Whitepaper:!AinuKSzosdeAbhKLOV_PU-vJO40?e=hfsUzV

Presale Link:

PRESALE MAX BUY 5 BNB (No whitelisting)
NO SOFTCAP (All or none at 250 BNB hardcap)

Please support us as we become one of the best and most ambitious projects in crypto! :-)

Disclaimer:All content is presented on this website solely for informational purposes. Before you buy, research, analyze, and verify our content. Always Do your Own Research.


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