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Launch Date

06 February, 2022


What is Nellore Coin (NLC)?

NLC is based on a blockchain that grows in value when new member apps connect to our ecosystem. Nelore Coin's proposal is to bring the opportunity to anyordinary person to become part of a development and entrepreneurship structure in the fastest growing area in the Brazil and in the world, livestock.

Nelore Coin team:

The NLC core team is made up of 3 members. Marcos Rodrigo, who is the CEO, has vast knowledge about livestock; Carlos Junior is the Vice President of the NLC, a bachelor in economics, a partner in a large distributor of gas and fuel components in Brazil; Emerson Muller is the CFO, Business expert with experience in business management.

Nelore Coin Progress:

The NLC already has more than 500 cattle and the leased area has a capacity for 5,000 cattle, a goal to be achieved. It already has a corn silage machine for fattening cattle. The confinement starts on June 6, 2022. Join the community and get updates!

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