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Launch Date

15 June, 2022


Chibi Dinos began as a unique generative NFT project with traits assigned at mint. 

The first release of Chibis included a collection of 10,000 2D highly collectable, stylized creatures, each wearing the jersey of their in-game basketball team. The Chibis all play on one of ten different Dino themed basketball teams in the Chibi universe. 

Not content to simply dominate the Basketball Court, these Dinos have set their sights on the world.

HOOP is a BEP-20 token and governance token with a maximum supply of 350,000,000 that will be awarded to players in key tournaments as well as in Legendary Chibi League games, used to buy rare gear, and used to train Chibi Dinos at the most exclusive Chibi Boot Camps. 

Players will also be able to buy and sell Chibi Dinos for the HOOP token. Owners of HOOP may stake their HOOP tokens to participate in the governance of the ecosystem. This will allow members of the community to vote for changes in the game, such as tournament rules, gear drops, new lore and levels, brand collaborations, and the over.

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