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Market Cap


Launch Date

01 June, 2022


Protocol Features 

$XPANZ Token $XPANZ is the highest paying dual rebase autostaking and autocompounding token on the planet.

  $XPANZ Trust Fund he XTF serves as a trust fund to ensure price stability and the long term sustainability of the protocol. 

 Auto Compounding Crypto's fastest rebase and highest paying protocol pays a whopping 500,581.7079% APY. 

 The Black Hole 2% of $XPANZ from every trade is sent to the black hole and burned, thereby reducing inflation. 

 $XPANZ Treasury The treasury provides support to XTF during larger price drops, plus investments and development.

 XHALE Our eXpanZ Healthy Auto Liquidity Engine dominates other projects by ensuring plentiful liquidity.

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