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Launch Date

26 May, 2022


BUSDBANKER is one of investing rounds running at the BANKER.FARM growing ecosystem aiming to gamify crypto investing and make crazy rewards available for everybody.

It utilizes a simple but evolving genius concept to offer the possibility for high APR 1460% + 2920% by buying-in rounds, managing staking, and exiting nearby the ATH.

The initial investment made in BUSD gets locked when you buy in & stake (APR 1460%), and starts to generate immediately a modest 4% daily base interest paid in BusdBanker1 tokens. Depending on the risk/profit level you feel comfortable with, you can sell, reinvest, and/or stake tokens accumulating in your wallet.

Selling cuts profits as you exit the round or you can sell partially taking some profits while continuing to seek more income. Reinvesting rewards is important as it compounds stakes boosting your earnings. The real magic kicks in with the staking of tokens as it pays 8% daily extra (APR 2920%). This means in total 12% daily, and in optimal cases with compounding high APR! Furthermore, price changes create also potential. Successful “players” have the guts to wait until they exit, waiting not only until they have maximized their balance but also the ATH, skyrocketing profits.

The round ends when the contract TVL drops to near zero. No one knows in advance how long each round lasts as it depends on investors’ decisions and the community’s efforts of sharing ref links. It can be anything from a week to months or longer! Then it’s the time to get ready for the next rounds & the Lambo!

The minimum buy-in is 30 BUSD. Principal BUSD investment can not unstaked. BusdBanker1 can be unstaked and sold after 7 days of staking. The collective daily sell limit is 40.000 BusdBanker1.

You can earn 3-tier referrals. There are weekly airdrops available for eligible holders.

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