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13 November, 2021


Welcome to Immortality. We are not offering Immortality, dreaming or imagining it, we are hacking Immortality. Be part of the journey, get healthy, feel amazing. A person already born today could potentially live beyond the limits of age with the aid of new science that seeks to understand and treat aging. An increasing amount of interest and investment from some of the wealthiest, the celebrities, leaders, and organizations are getting in on preventive and regenerative medicine to stay healthy for as long as possible and live for as long as possible using stem cells, exosomes, and many more cutting edge technologies. Just as some are into fitness, we practice longevity to the extent currently possible.

Immortality is a cryptocurrency with a science theme, specifically biology and medicine, and more specifically curing aging and age-related disease. When we asked people, what is the most expensive thing in the world? People reply with all manner of tangible objects, yet what is most expensive is the generation of new knowledge, with even a modest advance in any field costing many hundreds of millions and billions. Therefore, the generation of any new knowledge costs so much that it requires the power of a currency.

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