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Binance Smart Chain



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07 April, 2022


Tazor is the first ever DEFI protocol that allows users to control their APR individually and separately from other users! Imagine Tazor is a Savings Account that allows you to determine the APR that you receive on your account.

Tazor provides an investment vehicle where people do not have to sell the asset to realize a gain. Tazor provides an opportunity for people to build up a daily passive income without having to rely on other people or selling any products.

Tazor protocol relies on a 2 token system. The TAZOR token (the main protocol token) does not have to be sold to realize profits. Instead, the TAZ token (protocol reward token) can be sold to realize profits. However, TAZ (the reward token) controls the APR that your staked TAZOR receives! So the protocol’s reward token has the BEST USE CASE EVER! The more TAZ you stake, the higher your APR goes up on your staked TAZOR, to unlimited levels! The protocol also allows other DEFI projects to use their tokens to buy TAZOR at a discount in an effort to help the entire DEFI community on 11 different blockchains. AVAX, BSC, Celo, Ethereum, Fantom, Harmony, Moonriver, Polygon, Songbird, Telos, Theta.

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