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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

15 May, 2022


Brange is an Ultimate staking platform to Swap, Wait and Win. Users can earn a fixed 102% APY with Original auto staking Token. Daily sustainable fixed daily ROI - 2.29%.
Brange Provides decentralized financial assets which give rewards to users with fixed Compounded interest.

This platform rewards users with highly fixed APY for their investment every 15 minutes with a simple Buy-Hold-Earn system. Simply add brange in your wallet and earn money.

How it Works

Token: Rewards paid after 15 minutes

Auto Compounding: Automatically compounded rewards in every 15 minutes

Protection system: There is a limit to sell Brange token, so inventors cannot dump stake in majority.

Treasury: it is a fund that controls and maintains the drop of brange token price.

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