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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

14 April, 2022


Introduction to Medamon

First triple A game in crypto, you can download the Open BETA here:



Exquisite art design
Our team is comprised of talented and highly experienced artists such as Paul Sirats (concept art in Mad Max), Julen Urrutia (character artist in Marvel –Spiderman-), Xabier Urrutia (character artist in Axix Studios –League of Legends-), Carlos Ortiz (concept art in Blizzard), David Puertas (3D Modeler for Naruto), Adriana Uriguen (3D Animator in Skydance), Victor Soto (3D Animator in Skydance) o Lush (VFX artist in Tem Tem) Free to play The game is free to play, with the ability to earn rewards! There is also the capability of earning additional rewards based off the ownership of Medabots NFTs. Although ownership of NFTs will help earn more rewards, the additional NFTs will not increase the general power of the Medabots team, which will therefore even the playing field and give everyone the equal opportunity to win their Meda battles!

There is a fun combination of battle cards that will give the user the ability to create dynamic strategies, which make the possibilities endless. Users will be able to create their own robots with their own statistics which will help maximize their strengths, defenses, or additional features.

There will be 2 tokens within the Medabots universe. Medamon will be used to purchase NFTs on the marketplace, mint new NFTs, and to reward players in the game. 

The Medabots Project has 2 components:
- The game
- The marketplace

The Medabots game can be downloaded through the Google play store & the iOS app store. The marketplace will be a website platform that will give the ability to purchase, mint, and collect
Medabots NFTs that can be used in game.

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