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Binance Smart Chain



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07 May, 2022


The world's first Triple passive income & Hyper Deflationary token coming to Centralized Exchanges (CEXes)

The next Break Through in Defi space by Libero Financial - an innovation enabling the 158,893.59% Fixed APY token to be Hyper Deflationary

An innovation that changes the game for the entire industry: wrapping Libero into Libera, which enables listing on CEXes and staking in pools, while Libero tokens still grow 2.04% a day or 158,900.00% a year inside Libera.

Making the history of Defi, Libero Financial Freedom will launch The World’s first positive rebase token coming to Centralized Exchanges (CEXes). 

Unlike other rebase tokens which are inflationary and have unlimited supply, LIBERA has a limited supply of 50 millions tokens, of which 18% will be burned at launch, and more will be burned every week based on Libero's 1-4% weekly burning speed. Even more, for every sell 25% of the tokens are burned - the highest burning percentage in the whole market - make LIBERA a hyper deflationary token never seen before.

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