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Launch Date

04 May, 2022



The ECHPunks team is made up of Echelon Community members who came together with the vision to create a project that is trustworthy and full of features including a DAO, tradable token, NFT's and more.

Collectable NFT's

Each ECHPunk NFT will have a unique character inspired by the original Crypto Punk Project. One ECHPunk NFT will count as one vote in the upcoming DAO that will have control over development and marketing funds. Proceeds from OG NFT sales will go directly to the DAO. More information soon.

ECHPunk Token

The ECHPunk token gives more power to the ECHPunk DAO through its 10% tax per transaction. How these funds will be utilized will be voted on by the holders of ECHPunk NFT's and ECHPunk Token Holders.

ECHPunks is only available on the ECH Blockchain. You can bridge any tier 1 block chain to ECH using 

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