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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

03 May, 2022


🍀 Welcome to LuckyCash ! 🍀

We are building the first MultiChain Jackpot game.

LuckyCash is developing a multichain jackpot game with a chance for everyone to win in one way or an other. Our focus is to develop fairness in games and competitions where every player and entrant has better win odds while providing a solid rewards strategy for token holders.

A fully permissionless DeFi-powered play-to-earn DApp!

Our goal is to build with our partners the infrastructure that allows official lotteries to be more circular, with near-zero operating and maintenance cost, in a format designed for the blockchain age ensuring both traditional lottery players and blockchain-enthusiasts enjoy the future, today, while empowering players and maintaining the traditional elements.


Buy/Sell Tax 9% first 24h Sell tax increased to 25% !
💰 4% Marketing
💰 4% goes to Jackpot.
💰 1% goes straight to LP to keep a good florr !

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