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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

05 May, 2022


🐡 Pinki Game Studio. Backed by developers across the world and by huge communities.

💶 Earn PinkSale Token just by holding Pinki. Get 5% reflections in PinkSale as a reward for holding Pinki.  

💬 Next‑generation Incubator. Grow your Token's vision and team expertise by partnering with Pinki.

✅ Presale at PinkSale:

✅ Get 5% REWARDS in PINKSALE for EVERY TRANSACTION📲 WEB 3 Project with Active Use-cases

✅ KYC & Audit by ContractWolf:

🔒 All Tokens are LOCKED ✅ New protocol to facilitate successful launches at PinkSale ✅ Meet the Pinki Explorer Chrome extension (ACTIVE & FUNCTIONAL). ✅ Wallet & Game Launchpad in development (Q4 2022) ✅ 3K NFTs for LAUNCH (Pinki's Originals). ✅ Meet the Pinki Incubator for Rising Talents

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