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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

13 May, 2022


$SMOKY rewards holders with a sustainable APY of 200,000.00% to 800,000.00% auto compounding return every 10 MINUTES using the smart price balancing algorithm. At the end of the year and with USD 1,000 of $SMOKY invested You can earn up to USD 800,000.00 of $SMOKY.

Smoky Inu, the 5-star Token

One of the Highest Auto Sustainable APY as high as 800,000.00%.

$SMOKY Treasury: 4% of all buy fees and 8% of all sale fees is sent to the Treasury (to sustain the rebase).

$SMOKY Insurance: 3% of all trading fees is sent to the Insurance (to insure the risks).

$SMOKY Blackhole: 3% of all trading fees are burnt in the Blackhole (send to a dead wallet).

$SMOKY Utilities: Platform offers various utilities such as Liquidity Pool Token vault, Token Vault, Launchpad, DAO Platform and much more.

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