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Market Cap


Launch Date

30 April, 2022


Kirkstone is a company looking to revolutionize the rental market through the development of our own native token - $KIRK. We believe the project will restructure and redesign the real estate industry putting the consumer at the center. Our native token ($KIRK) will have a number of utilities throughout the Kirkstone Ecosystem.

-          Trading of Kirkstone Housing Equity CNFTs.

-          Trading of Kirkstone Development/Construction CNFTs.

-          Trading of Kirkstone Mortgage CNFTs.

-          Trading of Kirkstone Resale CNFTs.

-          Kirkstone (real estate) Token Marketplace.

-          Providing standard lower rental payments at Kirkstone Properties. Including Kirkstone Deposit Scheme.

-          Tenant equity opportunities.

-          Providing standard lower vacation lodging through Erdős at Kirkstone Properties.

In addition to the above utilities a significant percentage of the reserve will be used to offer staking rewards to $KIRK holders.

In total these utilities will provide a significant buy pressure to $KIRK, which will in turn allow the Kirkstone Ecosystem to expand.

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