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Binance Smart Chain



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30 May, 2022


Defi Kings is the KING of rewards tokens with actual utility coming soon! 13% of every buy/sell transaction is returned  to $DFK holders in their choice of BUSD, XRP, ADA, ETH, or BTC! With King's Ransom, our staking/farming feature, an additional 2% of every buy transaction and 5% of every sell transaction is rewarded every 14 days to $DFK holders that stake, a first for volume based rewards projects! King's Ransom is designed to stabilize the chart by incentivizing investors to be real holders, rewarding them BIG TIME with their choice of BUSD, XRP, ADA, ETH, or BTC!  Must hold a minimum $100 USD value of $DFK to be eligible for rewards. PLUS, 4% of every sell transaction is bought back and burnt to reduce supply, stabilize the price, and increase value! We have plans in the roadmap to release a P2P lending platform and additional projects that are designed to generate even more PASSIVE INCOME for $DFK holders! $DFK is just the beginning! Devs are U.S. based, doxxed and active in the community!

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