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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

24 January, 2022


In crypto, when you hear the term WHALE you immediately think about someone who holds a large number of tokens. In the ocean, whales are part of a vibrant and beautiful ecosystem, but due to pollution, greed, and ignorance these beautiful creatures are at risk.

That's why we decided to form the Whale Team and create a token to help preserve and protect the ocean and its inhabitants

A 10% tax will be applied on each buy, sale, or transfer. 7% rewards, 2% buy back and burn, and 1% marketing.

To protect token value for holders there is a wallet limit of 10T tokens with exception only to Charity, Marketing, and Team wallets which can have up to 20T.

Rewards are paid out automatically in BNB to holders of 50B or more. Frequency is determined by trading volume. 

Charitable donations will be made from rewards accrued to the Charity wallet.

Contract has been renounced. No changes to taxes or contract can be made.


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