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Binance Smart Chain



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07 May, 2022


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Space Land $SPL is a metaverse game designed to give an exciting space exploration experience for its members. SPL offers many playable non-fungible token (NFT) assets from planets to spaceships and buildings – all tradeable, transferable and truly owned by the player. SPL is a Play-To-Earn game meaning that just by doing tasks in-game the player will be rewarded SPL tokens – the native currency of the metaverse.

SPL runs on Binance Smart Chain primarily, since BSC offers very fast and cheap transactions which makes the game more accessible to a broader range of people. However, to attract even more players SPL will be integrating all mainstream Layer-1 Blockchains in its gameplay, i.e. Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and others.

The SPLtoken has a total supply of 10 Billion on Binance Smart Chain (of these 10 Billion tokens not all will be in circulation immediately.

- 5% is Redistributed to all holders
- 3% is Added to liquidity
- 2% of Tokens for buyback
- 2% is Added to the marketing/ecosystem

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