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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

22 April, 2022


BUDDHA is a unique fearless DeFi token focused in changing the uncensored industry for the better by providing a solid technological, and legal infrastructure for all.

BUDDHA is created on the Binance Smart Chain created for the community and to be led by the community.  A strategic revolutionary ecosystem set to deliver low gas costs transactions in the various platforms that will follow development.  Our technology edge will advance BUDDHA to be a recognized and preferred payment method.

As a DeFi ecosystem Buddha is set to deliver a NFT solution as the most preferred, best user creative and trading experience platform available in the blockchain.  We are focused in bridging the metaverse, real life products shopping opportunities and NFT exchange trading solutions.

The success of any digital asset is based on its strong community, creative innovation together with strategic planning, which are be the three focus points in the Buddha’s journey.

We recognize how important our community is and for this we ensure Holders receive rewards when holding BUDDHA, together with the Auto-burn process that reduces the supply, making BUDDHA tokens scarcer

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