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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

26 April, 2022


🐕LuckyDoge🐕: The SFAU LuckyDoge is the most representative of luckiness in the doge universe. 

LuckyDoge will create a unique IP to spread the luckiness and happiness in the doge universe and release it’s own 1:1 LuckyDoge NFT collectables which can be used in the LuckyDoge P2E game and metaverse. 

We will also create peripheral physical products such as LuckyDoge figurines, in order to break the virtual wall and finally bring our puppy to the real life.

🚀Advantages of LouckyDoge compared to others:

1️⃣Ownership renounced & BEP 20 standard token(0% tax)⛑

2️⃣Doxxed team & KYCed 🦺

3️⃣ LP LOCKED & Audited 🔒

4️⃣1:1 LuckyDoge NFT, Metaverse & UTILITIES💥

5️⃣Marketing at scale you've ever seen

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