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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

02 May, 2022


$RALPH is a hyper-deflationary zero-sell pressure meme coin that moons non-stop when traders buy and generates juicy yield when traders sell. $RALPH is stripped down from everything unnecessary and turbocharged with the best features required for the true moon mission.


🔥 HYPER BURN. 70% of the total supply will be burned in addition to 2% burn-tax that will be reducing number of tokens in circulation with every transaction.

🎰 LOTTERY. 1% of every transaction goes to the lottery pot. Once it has 50 billion $RALPH the protocol starts the lottery. One lucky buyer wins it all!

💰 RALPH CAPITAL. 10% of every sell transaction goes to Ralph Capital wallet. Funds from there are used for cross-chain yield farming and early stage investing. Profits are used for buybacks and airdrops to token holders.

☁️ ZERO-SELL PRESSURE TOKENOMICS. We removed all sell pressure from buy transactions, so when $RALPH moons - it moons non-stop! 

💵 RALPH STAKING. Enjoy 3 digits APY from 3 different pools with different lock-up periods.

💧 AUTO-LIQUIDITY. 2% from every sell transaction goes to liquidity to make it deep.

🔒 AUDIT. The contract will be fully audited.

⚡️ POWERFUL BRAND. Ralph is not just a token. It’s a movement!

Join Ralph Gang right now at or 

The moon mission has begun.

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