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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

21 April, 2022


���DogeWbe3.0 is the return of the popular king of the whole network

10U God of War, please play, 10U becomes 10000U

  miss dogecoin, miss shitcoin, miss babydoge,

Don't miss DogeWbe3.0, Musk's favorite dog, holding 50 billion Dogecoins, once DogeWbe3.0 comes out, all dogs will be one, hold on to DogeWbe3.0, you will become one of the people who change the history of the currency circle. Witness! Don't be too much, with 10 billion Doge Wbe3.0, you will be able to make your wealth free after three years, and it will reduce 2 0s in 30 days! The big dog is paving the way for DogeWbe3.0 to reach the top!


A total of 1000 trillion

   Destroy 700 trillion

  Purchase tax: 10%;

  Sales tax: 10%;

Mechanism: 5% Dividend Big Dog, 3% Marketing, 1% Return, 1% Destruction

 Dot setting 10-12

No private placement

Contract open source

Pool is locked

Permission X0000000

Big Dog Perpetual Motion Mining Machine

Official telegram group: https://t.me/dogeweb3_0

Official website https://dogecoin.com/#page-top

Binance Chain unique contract address: 0x37722707AdC806A94edEF77c19067eCcb61CE2B0

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