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Ethereum Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

21 April, 2021


DINU is a decentralized payment platform experiment. The token's development is community driven and therefore has no predetermined road-map other than what the community proposes.

DINU features a few tokenomics including: 
* 60% Vitalik Buterin burn
* Locked liquidity for 79 years
* Fair launch and distribution

Dinu launched and opened liquidity on April 21, 2021 with 1 quadrillion DINU tokens created. 60% of supply was then burned to Vitalik Buterin's wallet, while the remaining was pooled on Uniswap with .01 Eth. This allowed DINU to launch with the closest price to 0 possible. The contract's liquidity was then locked into a Unicrypt contract for 79 years (

Dogey-Inu is the brainchild of developer known as Giga, who's biggest strength is team building. Dogey-Inu now includes several other developers as well as key community leaders from the Shiba-Inu token project.
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