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Binance Smart Chain



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20 April, 2022


DeFi 3.0 & Staking-as-a-Service Scorpion Capital Management (SCM) is an investment fund operating on the Binance Smart Chain. Our aim is to make cryptocurrency investing available to everyone. To achieve this, we offer multiple investment services to $SCM holders in order to bridge the gap between DeFi 3.0 and cryptocurrency investing. 🦂

Scorpion Capital management is a team currently revolutionizing DeFi with the Scorpion Staking Protocol rewarding $SCM token holders.

Next to being one of the most efficient protocols, Scorpion Staking Protocol is also one of the easiest to obtain rewards from. Due to the autostaking mechanism, $SCM token holders do not have to do anything than hold the $SCM token. There is no need to stake it in an external pool in order to receive rewards. DeFi investing made profitable and easy.

The current rebase rate provided by the Scorpion Staking Protocol is 0.0147734%, paid out every 10 minutes. This rebase reward is 2.15% on a daily basis and 235,407.86% annually. Let your money and the Scorpion Staking Protocol work for you and obtain financial freedom as quick as possible.

Next to the Scorpion Staking protocol, Scorpion Capital management will also provide Investing-as-a-Service and Change investing in the future!

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