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30 April, 2022


Battle, Destroy and Hold to Earn!

📣Meta Tanks Auto Staking Protocol is the upcoming High Paying Rebase Protocol in Binance Smart Chain. Automatic Staking and Auto-Compounding on your tokens without having to pay gas fee and no need to connect your wallet to any third party apps! The Protocol will pay all holders an interest every 15 minutes, that's 96x a day! With the Highest Fixed APY of  383,025.80%. A year from now, $1000 invested in $TANKs can turn into  $3,830,454.12 in $TANKS.

📍Meta Tanks Protocol📍

- Auto-Staking Protocol:  $TANKS Positive Rebase formula allows token distribution to be paid directly, which are worth 0.02355 percent of the total number of $TANKS tokens stored in your wallet every 15 minute rebase period.

- Tanks Security Funds (TSF):  The TSF acts as an insurance fund for the $TANKS  Protocol, ensuring price stability and long-term viability

- Treasury: The Treasury will assist the chart in the case that there's a huge decline in volume or drops dramatically. This will also contribute to the $TANKS NFT Game and $TANKS Marketing.

- Furnace: $TANKS Furnace burns 8% percent of all $SAFUU exchanged (3% every buy, 5% every sell).


📢Total Supply is 325,000 $TANKS. 

 Buy Tax: 14%

 - 3%: Automatic LP

 - 5%: $TANKS Security Fund (TSF)

 - 3%: Treasury

 - 3%: Furnace

 Sell Tax: 16%

 - 3%: Automatic LP

 - 5%: $TANKS Security Fund (TSF)

 - 3%: Treasury

 - 5%: Furnace

🚀$TANKS BATTLE - High Paying Tank Battle Game🚀

🔥Mint your own Tank and NFT, Battle and Destroy other tanks to Earn BNB.  Tanks Battle will have a 3 gameplay system; 

- The BattleField,

- Arena PVP

- Boss Hunt (MultiPlayer)

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