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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

21 April, 2022


Safuu Inu (SFI) is a token that aspires to accompany Shiba Inu (SHIB) to diversify the meme coin world. The Safuu Inu ecosystem will enable and incubate the growth of NFT projects as an art appreciator and facilitator of potential NFT games where lovely creatures are born and nurtured by Safuu Inu community. The ecosystem will in the long run build the decentralized exchange called Inuswap where token holders can enjoy high yield annually (expected APR up to 2.000%).

Whereas in almost all of the current blockchain projects, the developing team’s token ownership accounts for a material proportion in the total supply showcased in tokenomic, Safuu Inu’s developing team hold 0 (ZERO) token.  Safuu Inu would like to clear any potential insecurities for investors which might hinder the development of the project because we believe in investors’ trust as the decisive factor for the success of Safuu Inu.

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