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Binance Smart Chain



Market Cap


Launch Date

13 April, 2022


Validefi is an all-in-one crypto investing platform that breaks the chains of centralized control, enhances the trading experience with a full suite of utilities, and rewards stakers of our $VALID token with a substantial share of our monthly profits.

Our full suite of crypto trading utilities are specifically designed to provide a completely decentralized and rich user experience.

Validefi is unique in the crypto utility space, releasing a full suite of much-needed tools immediately at launch with several more products and services currently under development.

The majority of these tools are free to use, without the need to purchase the $VALID token.  However, some features and experiences are enhanced for hodlers and stakers of the $VALID token, including participation in our Profit Sharing Protocol (or PSP), where 30% of our total net profits are distributed monthly to $VALID stakers in USDC.

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