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Binance Smart Chain



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Launch Date

03 April, 2022


DeltaV THRUST is a cutting edge, innovative /APY generator that using DeltaV THRUST’s DVG (Decentralized Value Generator) Protocol on BSC.

DeltaV THRUST takes the tried and tested Titano TAP Protocol and build on top of that and vastly improve on the protocol and came up with the next generation of APY generating protocol. Actually, it’s more of a complete revamp of the TAP protocol than a mere simple update and that why DeltaV THRUST’s DVG is it’s very own protocol. DeltaV THRUST’s DVG Protocol is the first high APY generating protocol of it’s kind and most likely be copied rapidly and renamed something else but DVG Protocol solidity code will be the DNA and back bone of these contracts. DeltaV THRUST’s DVG Protocol has DATA infused tokenomics which employ perfectly timed and randomized buy backs and continuous and strategic token burns to ensure a stabler token supply over time compared to other APY generating protocols.

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